Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Trying a transfer method

I've read many times about using packaging tape to lift a picture from a photo and then collage it onto a painting or journal.  Well this is my attempt.  I used the same photo that I used as a reference to paint from yesterday.  I re-sized the image to the size of my journal page, printed a copy on plain computer paper which was about 4.25 x 6.5.  I then used two strips of packaging tape that were longer than the photocopy, and placed  them over the photo copy leaving  a bit of the tape over the edges.  I burnished the tape and then carefully started to tug on the tape, slowly pulling the picture from copy paper.  When I was done, I had the image on the packaging tape strips.  Next I used a glue stick on my journal page and then placed the tape strips with the image onto my journal page. Burnished again and I was done.

It seemed like a lot of work.  Might of been easier to just cut the photo, add tape to the back of the photo, and then place it on the journal page.  The only difference being that the packaging tape seals the image.

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