Friday, January 25, 2013

Inspired by Flora Bowley

I discovered Flora Bowley website last year.  I had missed taking a live class with her, so I was really happy to discover that she had a book coming out later in the year.  So I  pre-ordered her book:  Brave painting  intuitive.   When I finally did received her book, I briefly glanced through it put it aside for when I had more time to read it.  I kept on picking up the book and flipping through it not sure if  her style of painting  would work for me, especially since she works in acrylic and her canvas is really big.  I was attracted to the colors and I think that's why I kept on coming back to the book.

Well last night I picked up the book again and decided to let myself go and paint.  Instead of using acrylic, I wanted to see if I could do the same type of technique using watercolors and markers.  This painting was done in my 5" x 7" journal.  The size was just right to explore without having to invest in buying a big canvas. I really enjoyed the process that I stayed up last night and worked on another painting.

 I think I want to call this bird in flight.

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