Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sunflowers please....

One of the things I like to do in my art studio is experiment with different art tools or mediums. Today I played with Paper Mate Flair markers.  Not to long go I had picked up a package of 8 colors for $5.00.  I started with a black marker and did a line drawing of a French Bull dog puppy.  Then I got my water brush and lightly pulled the black into the body of the puppy, giving a grey color.  Next I used the light pink that was in the pack to color in the inside of the puppies ears.  Again using the water brush to spread the pink in the inside of the ears.  I used Bienfang watercolor brush pen to paint the eyes brown, making sure to leave a hint of the white. 
After painting the puppy I thought my drawing need something more.  So I used a sunflower rubber stamp for the flowers.  Unfortunately, the black ink I had on the stamp just did not give a good impression, so I had to sketch in with pencil the individual sunflowers and leaves.  I used Flair markers for the yellow of the petals, touch of orange around the outside of  the center, and brown for the center of the flower.  The leaves I used a light green and a darker green.
I was so involved in creating this piece that I lost track of time.  For me, that means I was really enjoying the process and that's what is important.

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