Monday, July 22, 2013

Brockhole -- Lake district -- Cumbria, UK

The internet has really opened up a way to see the world. Google street view is a cool way to find interesting places I'd like to paint.  I've been doing a lot of sitting in front of the computer screen and painting things I find on Google street view.  When I travel I usually take a lot of photos and then when I get home I use them as reference to paint.  Now I don't have to wait too travel, I just search Google Street view.
I recently made a new journal that measures 6" x 8" that I use for these virtual paint outs.  This is a good size to work in, small enough to complete a painting in one sitting.
Today I visited Brockhole  in the Lake District in Cumbria of the UK.  This is my impression of what I saw during my visit.

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