Sunday, July 07, 2013

Day in the city

I'm home from the Bay Area.  It was a nice short trip.  Had a chance to visit with my sister and her husband, go shopping, and go to San Francisco for the afternoon.   Fourth of July was unbelievable hot.  We spent the day just visiting and had a family barbecue.  My husband spent the afternoon with his sister who happens to live in Danville, about 40 minutes from my sisters house.  On Friday me, my husband and Jolie drove to San Francisco, which is only about 50 minutes away.  There was a Bart strike going on, so we weren't sure how that would affect the traffic driving into the City.  Surprisingly there was no problem going or coming home. 
We started out at Flax Art and Design store where I bought some art supplies.  I like this store because it tends to have the new products that I usually read about in art magazines. 
From the art store we drove to the Embarcadero, so Jolie could have some photo's taken, and I could attempt to do some sketching and painting.  I was rather self conscious about people looking over my shoulder, that after a short period of time I quit.  Instead I took photo references that I could use to paint at home.  As you can see from the photo's of Jolie, the day was beautiful.  A little windy, but hey it was San Francisco.  We walked around the Embarcadero, watched the sailboats, and took lots pictures.
Saturday morning my sister and I went shopping at this cute store that sells hand made items.  Had lunch at my favorite PF Chang.  When we got back to my sister's house we visited some more only to end up watching the news coverage of the Asiana Airlines that crashed on it's approach to SFO.  It was surreal to watch because I've flown out of that airport hundreds of times, never giving it a thought that we wouldn't land safely.  Those passengers were rather lucky they could walk away. 
We decided to head back home Saturday night to avoid the Sunday travel. It was a nice short get-a-way, but it was sure good to be home.

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