Monday, December 09, 2013

Long Stitch book binding

 It's been well over a year and half since I went to Fabriano to learn how to make paper.  I came home with about 10 sheets of paper that I had made, along with hand made paper I bought.
This past weekend I bought this yummy blue and white handmade marbleized paper and decided it was time to make a journal with the paper I had made in Fabriano.
Today I finally combined the two.  I first cut two book boards 8.5" by 6" and a 1" book board for the spine.  Next I measured out the blue and white marble paper to cover the front and back of the journal.  I used spray adhesive on the book board and then carefully laid the book board on top of the marble paper. Once I was done with the front of the journal, I flipped the piece over and folded over the edges onto the inside of the book board.  When that was in place, I cut powder blue paper for the inside cover.
Since I really like how the long stitch binding looks, I decided that was the type of binding I'd use for this journal.  I made up 5 signatures of hand made paper; the shorter pieces were the ones I bought.  Sewing the journal together was fast and easy.  Now I just have to be brave and start making marks in my new journal.

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