Thursday, December 05, 2013

Down by the sea side

In the quest to shake things up, today I tried something new.  I started this drawing using Faber-Castell blue marker on Mi tientes  pastel paper.  Blocked in some of the dark areas with the marker.  Then I used oil pastels to lay down color for the sky, the sea, the sand, and the rocks.  Next I used a stump to blend the color.  I then went back in and added more oil pastel for deeper values.  Since oil pastels are water soluble, I took a round brush to move the color around and blend the color a bit more.  I continued to add more color until I was satisfied.  To complete the drawing I used gouache to add highlights.
What I did different with the drawing, was using the marker first to establish the outline of the drawing.  Since the marker was not water soluble, I wasn't sure if the oil pastel would cover the marker lines. As I continued to work the on the drawing I found that even though the blue marker did peak out in some spots, I thought it just added to the drawing.

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