Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year...see you next year....

When I started 2013 my intention was to look for things that inspired me and made me happy.  So for me that meant carving out some time each day to create.  This is the first year in my blogs history that I actually posted about my everyday life and the artistic things I did...that's over 375 posts.  I painted pictures in watercolor, worked more with my oil pastels, I did book binding, made lots of bread from scratch, canned apples for the first time, made cakes and pies, and traveled.  Paris was the big trip of the year, but in-between, did lots of small weekend trips too. 
So as 2013 ends I realized I did what I intended to do and that was to be creative each and every day.
I'm not sure 2014 will bring, but I look forward to living a more creative life.  Thanks for stopping by.
Happy New Year!!!

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