Monday, January 01, 2007

January the month of buildings

I now know why I've never attempted buildings...getting the right perspective can be a bear. I guess that's why January will be the month of buildings.
Seattle Woolworth building using FC black pen on Canson journal page. I dropped ultramarine blue, winsor red, and pale yellow on the paper before I even started the drawing. I poured water over the clean sheet of journal page, dropped the 3 colors and then took a paper towel to soak up any excess paint. I allowed the paper to dry for about an hour before I attempted to sketch.


Lin said...

WOW! What a challenging building to start the year with -- and a great sketch!! WOW!! I also applaud your goals -- and eagerly await your new work!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Just Crazy About Dogs said...

Hi Lin,

After I posted my goals, I thought what did I commit myself too? Maybe I should be committed!!!!

Buildings have always been difficult for me, so this year is the year of over coming those obstacles.

Thanks for looking.