Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ready or Not 2007 artistic goals

In a few hours 2007 will be here...ready or not...2007 will be a year of evolving and growing in my artistic life. Some of the things I would like to achieve for 2007:

--Sketch and paint daily in my moleskin or sketchbook.

--Each month focus on a subject:
figure drawing
wild animals
and anything else that strikes my fancy

--Continue my Venice series completing one 1/4 sheet colored pencil per month

--Continue to work on my whimsical series of dogs using FC artist pens.

--Finally figure out how to do layers in Adobe Photoshop.

--Become proficient with my Wascom Tablet.

--Take a class in Adobe Illustrator.

--Develop my dog illustrations into a children's picture book

--Spend a month in Paris sketching and painting from life.

--Spend a week in Venice sketching and painting from life.

I know sounds ambitious,but I'm up for the challenge!

Happy New Year


Brenda Y said...

Excellent goals!! I will be eagerly watching your blog for updates.
Do you read this blog?
Laura rented an apartment in Paris this past autumn and concentrated on sketching/painting plein aire every day.

Just Crazy About Dogs said...

I too read Laura's blog and found with much interest her renting an apartment in Paris. Since I usually go to Paris at least twice a year, I'll most likely stay in a hotel that is in the rue cler district that I usually stay in when I visit Paris. It's close to everything, and I won't have to worry about doing dishes or washing towels. That's the nice thing about staying in a hotel, freedom!