Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Midori Travelers Notebook DYI

I discovered Midori Travelers Notebooks last January on
 Flickr.  After seeing the different ways people were using them--for sketching, small watercolors, and note taking--I decided that I wanted one. Local stores did not stock them.  I had a choice--drive down to Los Angeles to Japan town or buy it over the Internet.
Internet shops had different prices.  Through my research I discover
Not only did they sell Midori Travelers Notebooks, they also sold accessories.  The Midori Traveler was $55.00 and for the Midori Traveler Passport Limited addition size $54.00.  Before I actually bought one, I really wanted to see how the Midori looked and felt.   As it so happens, My Maido has a store front in San Jose and I was going to be in San Jose in March.  So I figured I could wait two months.
Meanwhile I found "It's My Life" blog showing a DYI to make a Midori Travelers copy:
So using Gail's guide, I used a leather empty notebook cover to make my own.
The Front cover

 Front Cover with a belli band

Inside notebook showing the 3 bands used to hold the individual notebooks in place.

Inside notebook showing one individual signature looped through the first band to hold the signature in place.

Showing the individual signatures..

Outside top of notebook showing the 6 holes (3 on top and 3 on the bottom) to thread the elastic cord through to form 3 long length which will hold individual signatures.

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