Friday, August 16, 2013

Ink Blots

When I first read about Margaret Peot's book "Inkblot"--I wanted to buy the book.  Unfortunately it was out of print and the copies available were selling for $700.00.  I kept on checking amazon and I was pleasantly surprised that it was back in print.  I ordered a copy immediately.

I started by folding in half a piece of watercolor paper and re-opening the paper so it was flat. Next I dropped acrylic ink on the right side of the crease.  I then folded the watercolor paper in half and gently pressed on the top of the watercolor paper so the ink would spread. I opened the paper and this is what I created.
 I let the paper dry before I proceeded to the next step.  Once the ink was dry, I started to look for image out of the ink blots.  What I discovered was a elephant.  I used a Sharpie to do a contour drawing of the elephant. Next I started dropping in watercolor until I was satisfied with the image.

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