Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rocks and Stones

Last night I was looking for something quick to paint using my new watercolor set of Yarka St. Petersburg artist watercolours.  I had bought a 24 pan set which has a very good range of colors.  I was surprised how vibrant and rich the colors are.  So I got out an old photo of rocks and stones.  I was surprised how many pictures I take of rocks...too many to count.  Anyway, I applied the paint to some drawing paper scraps that had texture already impressed on the paper.  The paper absorbed the paint and dried quickly, rendering
rich deep colors.  My Daniel Smith watercolors are my favorite, but these could easily come in as a close second.  Never can have enough watercolor sets!!!


Timaree said...

I wondered how these paints did! I almost bought some but then figured I had enough. If I see another set on sale I think I will buy them. It's nice to know someone likes them after trying them before jumping in and buying them.

Irena said...

Hi Timaree,

I really love these paints. I happen to take a workshop last year and the teacher used them, so I got to try them out before I bought them. I got mine from Dick Blick with a 40% off coupon.