Friday, April 13, 2012

Arc Custom notebook system

 I have a new tool for my art room.  I make watercolor journals with my rubicoil, which I love; but sometimes I want the ability to remove a page to work on.  At Staples, they have this customized notebook system called the Arc.  The notebooks with a leather cover cost about $19.95 and is filled with some paper.  It's not a bad price and I might go back and buy one.  Looking at this Arc, I realized I could punch my own paper and create a notebook using scraps of  card stock,scrapbook paper,transparent sheets, and watercolor paper.  So I bought the Arc punch,the notebook rings, and some of their pages.  I then went to Michaels and found some heavy plastic clear scrapbook paper with a simple design.  I bought two of those.  When I got home I cut the heavy plastic down to 7 x 10.  then I cut down my watercolor paper; transparent sheets,and went through my scrapbook scraps.  I assembled the pieces and created my own notebook with all the paper I like using.  I even got inspired to do a quick watercolor on a transparent sheet.  Now I can't wait to use this and fill the pages with my art.

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