Sunday, July 08, 2007

Raphael watercolour travel set

Yesterday when I was at Dick Blick I also got a Raphael watercolour travel set for under $20. I wasn't so much interested in the pans of paint,but more the compact size of the travel set. So I decided this morning to try out the colours that came in the travel set on my Lama Li paper. I did a colour swatch and this small practice piece. I'm convinced that any type of watercolour will look good on this paper.
I was pleasantly surprised with the saturation of the Raphael wc and just as I thought, Lama Li makes any wc paint look good. I'm not sure if Raphael wc are student grade, but my guess is that they probably are. Anyway, once I use up the paints I'll just squeeze my favorite Daniel Smith paints in the set.

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