Monday, July 03, 2006

Flowers from my garden

Yesterday was such a beautiful,warm,sunny day, that I sat in my backyard sketching flowers from my garden.

I used various colors of cardstock paper and a gelly roll white pen. I loved the affect of the pen that I went out and bought more colors.

I had already cut all the roses from my rose bush,so all I had left were leaves. Using a pen really makes me think about placement of each stroke and forces me to see how the next stroke may interupt the flow of the drawing.

I have 60 rose bushes in my backyard and each is in various stages of blooming. I have this yellow-orange rose...really need to get tags to identify what rose I'm drawing.

I also have lots of Yellow and Red Yarrow plants. I've been cutting them too and adding them to my fresh floral arrangements that I've been displaying all over the house.

I guess the good part about having so many flowers in the backyard is that I don't have to go to the flower shop and buy flowers all summer long.

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