Friday, November 01, 2013

Handmade journal filled with Fabriano Tiziano Paper

Today I made a new journal using Fabriano Tiziano  pastel paper that I had bought last weekend at Dick Blick. I had 5 sheets to work with, 2 sheets of blue gray, 2 sheets of cream, and 1 sheet of steel gray.  Each sheet measured 20 x 26.  Basically I folded the sheets in half length wise and torn apart; then the half sheets I folded in half and torn apart again giving me 4 sheets of pastel paper measuring, measuring 10 x 13.  I then folded each sheet  in half to form a signature which measured  10 x 6.5. 
Next I assembled  5 signatures, each having 4 sheets of paper.  I used a simple pamphlet stitch binding for each signature.  Once each signature was done, I used binding tape to pull them together.  Next I measured a piece of smooth Bristol paper to use as my cover. To attach the cover to the signatures, I used Krylon spray adhesive on the inside of the cover.  Then I lined up the signatures to fit inside the cover, gently pressing the first page of the signature to the inside cover.  I flipped the journal over and made sure that the back was in place too.  I set aside to dry.
I used decorative paper that I had bought last year when I was in Florence, Italy.  To attach the decorative paper to the outside  journal cover, I used the Krylon spray adhesive.  Once the adhesive had dried, I cut out a piece of matching plain card stock paper for the inside cover to hide the decorative paper that was folded over.
Now my new journal is waiting for me to use.  Journal size: 10" x  6.5"; 60 pages.
Front Cover
 Inside Front Cover

Back of outside cover


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