Saturday, June 08, 2013

Screaming Ostrich

I can imagine this is what an ostrich would be doing if they were stuck in the car all day driving...that's how my day went.  It's been rather hot in the high desert, so my husband suggested that we drive down to Santa Barbara for the day.  I checked the weather and the forecast for the day was 69 degrees...that was good.  When we finally got to the coast, it was rather gray and cold.  So we decided to go to Ojai, which is higher in elevation.   Turned the car around and off we went to Ojai. 
Ojai was a nice 80 degrees, unfortunately, it was crowded, so we drove home.  It wouldn't of been so bad if it was just me and my husband, but we had all four dogs.  The dogs were rather good the whole time they were in the car, but having to deal with them in crowds can be a problem.  So tomorrow we stay home!

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