Saturday, June 29, 2013

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor sticks palette

Cleaning out my studio has been interesting.  I keep on finding stuff that I could use or re-purpose.  This 3" Round Altoids container was one such item. 
I've had these Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Sticks for awhile.  I've used them, but wanted to find a way to assemble a small palette with just a few colors.  That's where the Altoids container came in.
To make, I used empty half pans.  Magnetic  adhesive sheets were put on the bottom of each empty half pans.
The watercolor sticks were cut down to put into the empty half pans.  I applied a little water to the bottom of  each half pans, so when dry, the watercolor stick would stay in place. I put the watercolor sticks half pans in the container. Then got a small watercolor sheet of paper, painted each box with watercolor.   I  then cut down the WC paper to fit on the bottom of the Altoids container to make a WC reference sheet.  Using my Sharpie, I noted down the colors on the WC reference sheet. Then the WC sheet was laminated.  I then cut a square piece of the magnet strip to put on the back of the  WC reference sheet.  Once that was done, I attached the WC reference sheet to the bottom of the Altoids container. 

This Altoids container is so small, there is no reason why I can't do quick watercolor sketches when I'm on the go.

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MadeiraPlains said...

What a fantastic watercolor kit! Excellent idea! I've been dying to try the D.S. watercolor sticks for a while now. They're a much better deal than the tubes, in my opinion.

Were the sticks brittle to cut, or did they cut easily?

Thanks for posting your kit!