Friday, September 26, 2008

When eagles fly

If anyone ever tells you that painting abstract is a piece of cake...they are wrong! With this painting I started out with a black background. Then I started dropping in color. I didn't like the effect so I decided to add crackle paste to see if that would give the painting more texture. Since this was the first time I've used crackle paste, no where on the tube did it say add color to paste before you apply to painting. When the crackle paint dried I had lost all my color, so I had to go back in and re-apply color. Once I did that, I could see the cracks and the texture I was aiming for. When I first started painting this abstract I figure it would take me about an hour to finish. I spent most of yesterday working on this painting. I had to wait while various layers dried before going on to the next.

Some things are never easier than I expect.

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