Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Moving through depression

I sometimes think that this is what depression could look like. I like the colors on this abstract...very mellow.


SusanCarol said...

good morning from kalamazoo. these colors are not at all what my depression looks like but the chaos is just right! AND i love the idea of depression not being BLACK and GRAY like i always draw mine. YOUR drawing gives one hope.

I have 2 dogs: a wire hair or pointing griffon and a minature schnauzer and i adore them. i hope to teach myself to draw so that i may draw them. SusanCarol

Just Crazy About Dogs said...

Hi SusanCarol,
Thank you for visiting and your lovely comment. I agree with you sometimes depression takes on many colors,but the chaos is always the same.

You're half there with wanting to draw your dogs...you have the desire and the rest will come with lots of practice. Good luck!