Friday, May 30, 2008

Chinese Brush paintings

At my last Chinese brush class I worked on the following: Peony and ducks.

Once I got the over all shape of the ducks, it was fun to paint the same duck but with different color of feathers. As for the teacher Nan showed me how I could achieve a more uniform Peony. I had been practicing Peonies on my own and was rather frustrated with my attempts. When I mentioned this to my teacher, she held my hand and gave me some tips on how I could paint my favorite flower.


Brian said...

These are really nice. When I first saw them, my first thought was, this is someone who can draw, and having looked at your western-style work on your blog, I can see I was not wrong. Very expressive lines.

I would suggest filling in the colours, especially on the ducks, with a larger brush. As far as I know, that is how the Chinese do it: they can create an entire painting consisting of four or five brush strokes in total, whereas in the western style, we make gazillions of brushstrokes, which work well in highly detailed work, but seems to be the death of a Chinese style painting.

But I would be reluctant to criticize, seeing as I have only just begun doing watercolours, and have yet to properly master either western style or any other style! ;-)

Anyway, I would love to learn Chinese style painting, and if I could get hold of a teacher here in Dark Africa, I would sign up for lessons on the spot. I look forward to seeing more of your work!


Just Crazy About Dogs said...

Hi Brian,

Thank you for stopping by my blog and thank you for the lovely comments about my Chinese Brush work. Having worked first in watercolors for many years, the transition to Chinese brush was easy,but finding a good teacher really helps. Even on YouTube you can find tutorials on Chinese brush.

Sharon said...

Oh how I love this chinese brush paintings. Something I have always wanted to do. Yours are beautiful.