Sunday, June 17, 2007

Chinese Brush painting class with Nan Rae

Yesterday I took a Chinese Brush painting class with Nan Rae in Burbank, California. I had recently purchased her book "The Ch'i of the Brush" when I was at the Art Institute in Chicago two weeks ago.
After attempting my hand at this, I decided I needed to go for a lesson and it so happens she had a class yesterday. Well the lessons were fabulous. Nan is a wonderful and patient teacher and in the 4 hour class I learned a lot. Also bought a lot of supplies...better Chinese brushes, and paper. The bunnies and the cat is what I did in class.

Now that I have the right brushes it will be practice,practice for me. It's so relaxing.

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Brenda Y said...

WOW Irene! These are really really GOOD!! My knowledge of chinese brush painting is nil, but I do know these are wonderful executions of brush strokes!!!