Sunday, February 11, 2007

faces of children

I found two more photo references from wetcanvas reference library of a little girl and a little boy. I choose both because of the hair. Each sketch is getting easier to do and with each sketch I feel I'm getting closer to a likeness of the photo reference.


Diahn said...

Hey - that's my son!! :-) I've been following your faces - you're doing great - I've done that one of D before and it's not easy - his mischievous little smile is hard to capture - your patience and persistence is paying off though - each one you do is better than the last! Keep up the good work!!

Just Crazy About Dogs said...

Hi Diahn,

I was wondering who's son he belonged too. Great photo reference. Thanks for looking and the encouragement.

Brenda Y said...

You ARE doing great - and what a cutie he is!