Friday, December 19, 2014

Handmade mini watercolor tin

Several weeks ago Jessica Mack of  Brown Paper Bunny

made a short video on making a mini watercolor tin using an empty candy mint tin.  Her instructions were clear and easy to follow.  So I thought I'd make one for my Sennelier watercolors that I started to collect.

I like the idea of  recycling an empty mint tin that is small enough to fit in my pocket for a quick watercolor painting.  I used an empty Brighton mint tin, Fimo bake-able modeling clay, and 8 tubes of Sennelier watercolors.

On the inside lid top, I used a  white Sharpie Pen-marker that is oil base, which allows me to mix my paints and easy to wipe clean when done.  Now I just need 6 more colors to complete my mini set.

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