Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hazel Soan's Watercolor Rainbow

I discovered Hazel Soan a few months ago and really liked her style of painting.   She paints wet-on-wet and very loose.  I had downloaded her 10 minute a day book on Kindle and started to work through it...basically just looking at the photos and seeing if I could render something similar.  I was hoping that her hardback book "Watercolor Rainbow" would give a little bit more technique.  I ordered the book and it took several weeks to get, since it was coming from the UK. 
It's a beautiful book that explores the colors in your palette.  Lots of paintings with a list of watercolor paints she used to complete the painting. Unfortunately, no step-by-step technique. 
Even though the book doesn't have the step-by-step technique I was hoping for, she does explore colors in your palette. I still found the book useful to me, that I've order a couple more of her books.  I'm hoping to take a workshop from her next year in the UK.

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