Sunday, April 14, 2013

Midori Traveler's Star Edition Passport size

Ever since I discovered the Midori Traveler's Notebook on flickr, I've been debating about buying one.  For the past year I've been making my own journals, so I wasn't sure the Midori's size was big enough for me to work in.  So after looking at many photo's of the Midori, I thought I'd try my hand at making one since the design is very basic and easy to put together.  Finding leather material locally has been a problem, so I improvised  by using vinyl, which was easy to find at Joann's.  To make the vinyl a bit more sturdy, I found stiff felt pieces that I would glue to the inside cover.  After making the same size of the Midori regular size and the passport size, I experimented with making other sizes with the same simple concept.  So I now have at least 5 in the regular size and 5 in the passport size.  I've been taking them on test runs and it seems like a doable notebook for me to work with.
When I went to San Francisco last month, I made a point of going to a Japanese stationary shop called Maido so I could actually see how this Midori looked and felt like in person.  I bought some of the accessories and decided I would order one when I got back home.  Maido has an online store  There is definitely a cost difference, so much cheaper to buy online.  So I bought the Traveler's Star Passport edition that comes in Carmel.  I ordered it on Tuesday morning and received 2 days later.
Just opening the envelope to take the Midori out was worth taking pictures.
 Wrapped like a present.
 This is what came in the wrapped paper.
The Midori comes with it's own cloth sack.
 Documents that come with the Midori, along with a ferry pass.
 Journal that was inside the Midori.
First page of the Journal.
 back of the Midori when closed.
Now to take my Midori on a little trip to break it in.  Yes it was well worth the wait.


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