Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day at the beach

The weather seems to be heating up, that it was a great day to go to the beach.  So we packed the car up with the dogs and art supplies and we were off.  First we went to Santa Barbara to have lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  After lunch I went to the local art store where I bought some mi tientes paper in black and pink.  I also got a couple bottles of FW acrylic ink and more water brushes.
We headed back to the coast and stopped a beach that I've always have seen on the other side of the freeway and finally figured out what exit to take so we could go to that beach.
Found a perfect spot and spent several hours just soaking in the sun and painting.  This is the view of the mountains and the small cove that we were sitting at.  Watching the waves go in and out was rather relaxing.  By 4pm we decided it was time to go home.  Not only did we create a memory, but I also got a few paintings out of this outing.


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