Saturday, December 18, 2010

More drawings for the Sketchbook project

The deadline is quickly approaching for the Sketchbook project.  I have 7 more drawings and I'm done.  I hope to be finished with all my drawings before Xmas.  Now all I have to do is scan my whole book.  Having to scan is a major production for me; my scanner is on the floor under my's so time consuming that I ordered today a hand held scanner that runs on batteries and doesn't need to be hooked up to a computer to scan.  The scanner that ordered is a VuPoint Magic Wand.  This will be an early Xmas present to me!  Once the documents have been scanned I just have to take out the memory stick and plug into my computer.

Coming up with ideas for "It's raining cats and dogs" was a challenge.   All of my drawings were completed with watercolors and markers in a whimsical "children's art" format.

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