Thursday, December 02, 2010

It's already December????

I can't believe it's already December...Where has the time gone??  I thought I'd share a new picture of my puppy Maddie who is 14 weeks old.  She's decided that Pink is her color and has a wardrobe with many Pink dresses,sweaters, and even a Pink raincoat.  Maddie has discovered her squeaky voice and now barks whenever she wants attention.  My other dogs think she's a toy and tend to play rough with her, but you know what?...Maddie is really the trouble maker.  Out of all the puppies I've had, Maddie has been easy to potty train.  Maddie knows her name when called, understands words like outside,NO,cookie, and let's eat...all the essential words a dog needs to know.  I'm rather thankful and happy that she has come to live with us and enrich our lives with her cuteness.

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