Saturday, August 30, 2008

Les Petite Girls

I'm taking an 8 week online mix media class with Suzi Blu. These two images I first wood burned an out line of my girls. Then I applied watercolor pencil and non water color pencil for shading. When I thought she was shaded enough I used napkin pieces to decoupage the background. If you ever seem Suzi Blu's videos on YouTube...she makes wood burning look so's not. But like anything will take practice to get it right. The 2ND girl I was less intimidated by the wood burning tool. Something about hot tips scares me, so I'm being really careful. Over all I really love the class.


2 Worlds said...

I'm doing this class too
but I did not scan my images yet
Im not using wood though I know that would be hard.
But I dont have the blender pencil she talks about so I think my shades sucks :)

Just Crazy About Dogs said...

Hi Jana,

I have the blender for my pencils, but you can always use a paper towel to do the blending in the areas that are shaded. That's what I use when I can't find my blending pencil and it seems to work. I'm going to continue to practice on the wood,but I have a feeling I'll probably stick to watercolor paper. Much safer and I don't have to worry about burning myself.