Thursday, June 15, 2006

View From Venice looking at San Giorgio

Side Street in Venice

Gondolas on the Grand Canal

I thought I'd post some colored pencil drawings that I did while I was in Venice, Italy. These were done in my small sketchbook moleskin. I used a combination of Derwent Artist Colored pencils and Derwent Colored Inktense pencils. I really liked using the Derwent Artist Colored pencils but wasn't too thrilled with the Inktense colored pencils. The Inktense had a tendency to smear and transfer the image to the other side of the page once the moleskin was closed. Probably a way to stop that from happening would be putting a piece of paper over the image so that it only transfers to the paper and not the moleskin drawing.

I'm hoping to develop some of the drawings that I did in Venice into larger pieces. Not sure if I'll do them in colored pencil or combination colored pencil and watercolor.

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