Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The Paint Box has arrived

I finally got "The Paint Box" from the Watercolor Paint Box Company in the UK after a rather long wait.
Got this a week ago and have been thinking on this rather expensive watercolor palette.
I was excited to order the paint box, but when it finally came, I was not so excited, and here's why:
I was aware that it would take about 12 months for Craig Young to make the paint box, and I was OK with that.  But what I was not OK with is the lack of customer service.  I never did receive acknowledgement of my order request and only knew that Craig received my check when it was cashed 3 weeks after I placed the order.   A year and a couple months went by--heard nothing! I sent an email--still no response.  Finally, a year and a half from my order date, Craig tells me that he would be working on my paint box (soon).  After the final payment, he finally got to work.   Bottom line, it took 17 months. Was it worth the wait?
When I opened the box, I was excited, but after close examination, I was disappointed in the workmanship.  The black enamel on the outside of the box was chipping a little.  When I opened the paint box completely, I noticed that the 16 whole pans rows were not uniform.  The left row could take half pans, but the other three rows--no way. Full pans only!
When you pay more, your expectations go up. I paid a lot, and unfortunately, my disappointment went up. My recommendation; before you place an order with "The Watercolor Paint Box Company", check out the competition.


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