Wednesday, January 15, 2014

One watercolor a day by Veronica Lawlor

I recently got my copy of "One Watercolor A Day by Veronica Lawlor".   It's a 6 week course exploring creativity using watercolor, pattern, and design.  It's not a book teaching how to paint with watercolor, but different ways to apply color, pattern, and design...allowing the paints to just flow and use your imagination.

I thought I would work through the book.  Each day is a new topic.

Day 1 Let's Paint--just what the topic implies.  Putting down paint, using different colors and patterns.

I found it interesting to see how dropping and applying watercolor in different patterns played out.

The Neighborhood
Ocean Views

I like how these small watercolors turned out and plan to pick one to develop into a larger painting.

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