Monday, March 04, 2013

My new Schmincke gouache and watercolor set

I finally ordered some good gouache by Schmincke.  I have seen on flick this watercolor tin by Schmincke filled with 12 watercolors 1/2 pans.  I liked the size and thought I'd be able to combine both my gouache and watercolors together in one case.   To be honest I only bought the watercolor set for the watercolor case.  I have a large set of Schmincke watercolors and I've used them, but I'm really loyal to my Daniel Smith watercolors.   In the picture below, on the two top rows are my Schmincke gouache.  On the bottom two rows are the 12 watercolor 1/2 pans of Schmincke that came in the set.  When I go to the bay area in two weeks I'll take the combined set of Schmincke gouache and watercolors to test drive the combo set.  But as a backup I'm also taking my Daniel Smith watercolor paints too.  Today I'll finally get to use the good gouache.

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