Monday, November 19, 2012

Fabric from Spoonflower

I finally got around to having two of my watercolors made into fabric over at  I just ordered a fat quarter of each design.  I wanted to see how my images translated onto fabric.  I really like how my French Bull Dog painting looks on fabric.  The tulips I had made into a mirror image design.

I plan to make a pillow with the French Bull Dog and with the tulips,  I used a piece to create book cloth to use on the spine binding of my journals that I've been making.  I'm still learning the In's and outs of, hopefully with patience everything will start to make sense.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Linocut printmaking class

Today I took a linocut printmaking workshop @ the Red Brick Gallery in Ventura, California with Phyllis Gubins.  Phyllis gave us a lot of information about printmaking materials and introduced me to Blick wonder-cut linocut blocks.  The wonder-cut block is so easy to carve out designs and apply ink to the surface.

So this is my linocut design and printed on white card stock.  I used regular ink from a stamp pad, but tomorrow I'll pull out my printmaking ink and pull another image.  I can see the possibilities of creating my own design for cards and even creating larger pieces.  Now I just need to order some of this Blick wonder-cut linocut blocks.

Thursday, November 01, 2012


Today I was a busy girl.  I drove down to Pasadena so I could spend some money at Dick Blick.  I've been wanting to try Caran D'ache Neopastel  oil pastels.  So I treated myself to a set of 48 Caran D'ache
Neopastel.  Not that I needed another set of pastels.  I have a lovely 120 piece Sennelier Oil Pastel set that I got several years ago in Paris at the Sennelier Art store.  Before I use my Sennelier , I thought I'd practice with these.  

I've been trying to paint and draw more with an impressionistic feel, instead of  painting realistic with a lot of detail.    The colors of this set are rather vibrant.  I did this meadow scene in about 30 minutes on color pastel paper.

Tomorrow I'll experiment on watercolor paper.

Set of 48

Set of 48