Friday, March 16, 2012

My new IPAD

Look what I got today!!!  I got the new IPAD 3.  Shamelessly I can now say that I'm a two IPAD household.  One for me and one for my husband. And I didn't have to wait in any line.   Last week I had gone to a local Apple retailer and they were taking sign ups.  I was third on the list.  So this afternoon I picked mine up.  It's in a black case and it's 64 GB.  The graphics are great and I love the built in camera and face time. 

Today I also got my two orders from Daniel Smith.  I bought 16 Daniel Smith watercolor sticks.  The colors are just as great as what you would get in the tube version.  I also bought two travel size watercolor brushes and restocked some of my wc's that I was running low.  You know what I'll be doing all weekend...painting and playing with my new IPAD....

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