Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chickens anyone???

Have you ever had a moment where an idea,an image,a video, or a photo in a book or magazine caught your attention?

Well I'll tell you a little secret that only people that know me and have come to my house....I LOVE CHICKENS. I have roosters and chickens sprinkled all through the house. The French believe roosters and chickens are good luck for a house and kitchen. And you know, you never can have enough good luck; I happen to have over 75 pieces of good luck though out my house.

So yesterday I was flipping through some magazine in Barnes and Noble when I came a across an article about backyard chickens. It wasn't so much the article, it was the colorful images of chickens and roosters. I came home and googled different varieties of chickens and found a Polish Golden chicken that caught my attention. So I was inspired to draw and paint my interpretation of the chicken.

In my moleskin I did a quick contour drawing of the rooster in pencil. Then I added color using markers and watercolor paint.

I probably will go outside later and re-take this photo because it came out a little dark.

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