Sunday, October 25, 2009

Paris...thoughts about my trip

Upcoming artists..Cavalier King Charles Spaniels...

fish market

Seine river

produce market

flower shop

Sacred Heart Church
Well I'm back from my trip to Paris, France. It was a long 10 days. I don't remember a time that I've walked so much. I got to explore parts of Paris that I haven't been too before. We spent the day roaming, taking pictures, shopping, sketching,riding the tour bus that lets you get off/on at various stops, and watching Paris life go by. And it was burr cold.

A couple of things happened while we were roaming the streets of Paris. We had Cavalier sightings each day; we got to see dancers learn how to dance to Michael Jackson thriller music near the Eiffel tower; Gypsies tried to give us a gold ring on three separate occasions; a filming crew was filming a movie and we were caught in one of the scenes as we walked by;future artist drawing at Sacred Heart Church; and we got to see locate news crew's hanging out near the government offices waiting for a local story to break.
I did go to my favorite art store Sennelier which is right by the Seine River. I bought a couple of Blockx watercolour pigments that came in porcelain squares, some watercolor paper, and markers. The other art store I went too was hidden on a side street. There I found handmade watercolour paper...rough and smooth, which I bought a package of each; and I bought a new watercolour traveling palette that contains 18 square pigments, a small brush, a water container built in the case and a detachable water container. I can't wait to try out the handmade watercolor paper.
It was a good trip...but there is no place like home!

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