Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gerald Brommer watercolor demo

Last night I had the opportunity to meet Gerald Brommer and watch him give a demo on his approach to painting a watercolor. He started his demo showing us his sketch book of sketches and doodles. He picked out a sketch he had done in Provence. From that sketch he did maybe six thumbnail, picking out elements and re-arranging them as he pleased. He then choose one of the thumbnails to use for his watercolor. He proceeded to map out the drawing using a paintbrush and do a line drawing. After he had his line drawing in place he started to lay in various washes. In less than an hour he had completed the 1/4 sheet watercolor painting. It was really amazing to see his approach and style of painting. This was such a treat to meet him and watch him paint. I came home and ordered at least 4 of his watercolor books. Maybe tomorrow I'll try this exercise using some photo's from my Venice trip.

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