Sunday, March 25, 2007

Life continues update

It's been a rather crazy three weeks,but I finally got everything done. Tomorrow my house gets listed and the for sale sign goes up;my taxes are done;I've finished all my packing; and last week I bought a brand new house and we're hoping to close by the end of March which is in a few days. So tomorrow I can finally rest and get back to creating art, which I've missed doing.

My "Just Crazy About Dogs" girls know something is going on and have really stayed glued to me, following me all through the house...poor babies.

I think in my next life I could come back as a professional mover---secrets of getting packing done in record time. I've noticed with each move I tend to get rid of more stuff...not hanging on to stuff, which in itself is rather freeing. I guess I'm making room for the new stuff!

So the journey continues!!!!

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Brenda Y said...

Wow - you must be setting some kind of record! It's so true about moving making you get rid of "stuff." We've been in our current house for 14 years - the longest we've been anywhere and I shudder to think what moving would entail - LOL.
Btw, congrats on finding a new home and now we'll just hope the right buyer comes along really fast for your former home.