Sunday, December 13, 2009

My brother died

Last week I got some unexpected brother had a massive heart attack and died. He was only 48 years old. I always knew this call would come,but thought I get it when he was much older. My brother made some bad choices in his adult life and had alienated most of the people in his life that had cared about him, which included me and my sister Linda. I hadn't seen or spoken to my brother in almost 6 years. I only got news about my brother from my sister whenever he would call her, usually drunk, and asking for money. My brother had called my sister the day before Thanksgiving, after not speaking with her in over a year. Maybe he knew on some level that something was going to happen, hence the call to my sister. At least his death was sudden and quick, which is a blessing. He left behind his four adult children and one very angry ex-wife. It's taken me a good week to process this news. I think I've gotten clarity after my sister and I made arrangements to have his body cremated. I don't know if his children will have a memorial since we were not considered the next of kin. His ashes will be given to his oldest son. brother is with my parents and no longer in emotional and physical pain.
May he rest in peace.


You never know what will be hatched...expect surprises!!!